The Section 106 agreement states 'recreation ground' and 'ground maintenance' provision which has already taken place. The football club own the pavilion - it was sold to them so the village would not have to pay for its upkeep.

Will the new pavilion - if built - be used for:-

If this happens it will take income for other venue's 
Village Hall, Church Hall Rose and Crown, which is a much-needed income for these places.
If a new meeting place is needed then why is the Oast at SFF not being used as it has alreday been made into a meeting room and using this space would give an income to SFF?

Questions that should be asked about the pavilion are:-
Who will own it?
Who will pay for its upkeep?
Who will pay the bills?
Who will clean it?
Will NPC receive rent for it being used for things other than for Football?

Don't the children and adults of the village deserve a playground to be proud of? Go and look at the Staplecross playground!
Why are NPC proposing to spend all this money on something they don't even own? The football club have allowed their hut to get into such a bad condition and this has happened because of no ongoing maintenance or Fundraising. 

What Fundraising are the Football Club currently doing which will substantiate their claim for such a major, single, public expenditure when they pay less than £100 per year to NPC? Is the proposed £200K= spend warranted to the Football Club when they only pay £100 per year rental?

Carolyn Pierce and her family, over the years, have been involved with the football club not only with voluntary maintenance but also the original construction of the existing building.

Residents of Northiam Paul Mitchell has just contacted me and asked me to post this comment on Northiam Voice with regard to the Parish Council Meeting held last Thursday (08.02.24)


The problem is that the current NPC (and CIC members) bullied and engineered their way into power at the last election due to a ridiculous ruling whereby anyone can vote for up to 9 people !!  Only needed 200 people to vote for their own and the NPC was taken over from those who knew what they were doing for the village.

Now we have got a Council in charge of itself and doing what they want to do, not what the majority of the non biased people in the village want or expect.

Just see how the attitude of the council members at the meeting last week changed towards the villagers who challenged anything. Abusive, bully boy tactics and no sense of discussion or acceptance of questions that they did not like - not particularly democratic some might say.

Good to see that someone has actually started to put the facts on a web site to be read outside of social media - makes a good read of various issues and I doubt it will stop raising and reporting more controversial matters that need airing !!!

I understand at the meeting last night NPC were verbally attacking the audience - who are the precept payers and also the payers of the SFF loan. This was because the public questioned how public money is being spent by the Councilors of Northiam Parish Council.
When the Donsmead housing estate was built and the section 106 legal agreement was signed by the developer and Rother district council (RDC) there was £192,000 designated to Northiam for the playing fields Click Here To View 106 Document . Some of this money has already been spent on the entrance by the 'Churchhill Gates' to allow for cars to be parked without destroying the grass area. The remainder, or at least a good chunk of it, should be for the much wanted play area for the village children.
See Page 9 of the Document.

“Northiam Recreation ‘ Ground Contribution” means the sum of one hundred and ninetytwo thousand nine hundred and twenty pounds (192,920) payable to the Council as a contribution to the improvement of Northiam Recreation Ground in accordance with the provisions of Part 3 of Schedule 3 save to the extent that this is altered in accordance with Clauses 6.18 arid 10."

So why is a member of Northiam Parish Council so determined to spend all the remainder of the money and probably a great deal more on a 'Sports Pavilion' for the benefit of the Football Club?
Why is money not being spent on completely refurbishing and updating the Children's Play Area - bearing in mind that the Children's Play Area for the Donsmead was never constructed?
Is this 'Sports Pavilion' perhaps going be used for Northiam Bonfire Society or The Pop Up is this defined as 'Recreational Usage'?
Please feel free to go to this local site 'What's Going On In Northiam' via Facebook which does not censor the voice of the people like N&NNB site does as the site only allows comment which are favourable to the CIC....
Over to you Northiam, to raise any concerns please make contact at  where legitimate and sensible matters will be considered for publication.