These documents have been sent to us as they are on the Parish Web Site...Please note Item 2 on page 3 under 'Fields and Outside Areas'..... "The larger sand-school needs much more work to make it viable and so could be considered as a suitable site for housing...."
See also item 5 - same page ......... "The Doctor's Field' part of which could be built on if we can come to an agreement with the builder who owns the only access. Initial approaches have been made and he is interested in being involved."
We were under the impression that the Blue Cross site was purchased to be used by the residents of the village, not to be turned into a huge housing estate? ..........Did the village vote for all this level of development?
There was a very lively Annual Parish Meeting on Monday evening (20th March) in the village hall and we were given a copy of a very interesting map by a local resident.
We see that there is a 'Potential Residential Site' highlighted on the map..... We understand that this field is actually on the former Blue Cross site and is known as the Doctor's Field..... Was there a village discussion agreeing to this as we understood that the former Blue Cross site was purchased by the residents to protect Northiam from any further external developments?
THEN - at a public Meeting called by the CIC a week later they then ADMITTED that they HAD planned to build in these sites......
THEN - a month later during the elections for the the Parish Council they then denied that they were going to build houses on these sites........