Click on the link below to see the original plans for the former Blue Cross site - now known as SFF... as stated by Pete Sargent.

The former Blue Cross site – now known as St Francis Fields – was purchased by the residents after a referendum in order to :-

1    Save the site form being built on - approx. 200 houses

2    With an understanding that profits from the site would eventually negate the precept, that is the amount paid by each household in Northiam to via their Council Tax bill.

Reference to this can be seen in the recorded Meridian TV interview below, with the then Chairman of Northiam Parish Council.

Click on the link below to see the original plans for the former Blue Cross site - now known as SFF... as stated by Pete Sargent.



    1. Over the last four years the CIC who are supposed to act at the behest and on behalf of Northiam Parish Council, have actually LOST the village money by having a tenant on the site who has a). not paid enough rent b). trashed the site and c). now left the site and in all  probability, still owes money,
    2. The CIC have also run numerous Pop Pubs (26 events during 2023) and have made a staggering £30 overall profit which they, the CIC, are apparently allowed to keep for their own use according to their own manufactured remit
    3. The CIC have also grown and donated Pumpkins to a charity in Rye!!!

Therefore, none of the promised money making schemes, that were intended to benefit the residents of Northiam have even been started

No Craft shops.
No Businesses.
No Cafes.

To top all of this, after realising that they were liable to carry out the research for the new Parish cemetery but were not entitled to the full proceeds of the burial and cremation plots (including 50k held by the Parish Council for cemetery site development, in respect of the Donsmead increased housing development), they have not progressed to any great extent with the new cemetery as should have been done by now.


*When will the site start to make money for the village as was its main intention right from the start.
*Why has it taken so long
*What are the plans to generate the income required
*Who is actually in charge of St Francis Fields and who is accountable for the money you are paying each year

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Please feel free to go to this local site 'What's Going On In Northiam' via Facebook which does not censor the voice of the people like N&NNB site does as the site only allows comment which are favourable to the CIC....
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