This is just one instance of how the newly elected Parish Council are spending your money...(£107,500 total precept) £50,000 + £57,500
The former Blue Cross site was purchased by the village after two referendums and a successful £1.4M Government Loan was agreed. This loan is repaid at an annual rate of £75,000 made in two payments funded by £50,000 (part of the annual precept plus an additional £25,000 made up from the income from the stables and the bungalows.)
Two payments of £37,500 per annum (March & September) fulfil this legal requirement.
Any additional income via rentals etc from the site were envisaged to be ploughed back to NPC and therefore would ultimately reduce the second part of the precept, currently £57,500, which is required to fund village expenditure......................e.g. grass cutting, clerks wages..etc etc etc
However this does not appear to be happening as it would seem that the CIC are keeping ALL the profits from the site - including all the profits from the Pop Up Pub to ...'spend as they see fit' as stated in the Management Agreement written by officers of the CIC..........
It is from this money, the £57,500 second part of the precept, that the newly elected councilors are dipping into to pay for repairs and maintenance on the SFF site. These bills are not within the current Parish Council budget. and therefore, you potentially - fellow residents - will be paying twice for the SFF site.
Furthermore ALL the newly elected Councilors should be fully aware that the members of the CIC are keeping ALL the profits from the CIC 'Pop Up Pub', as described in their Management Agreement. There are 26 'Pup' events this year - so there should be quite a profit somewhere? In addition to this any other monetary income from other rental arrangements that the CIC have on the site, which, due to the Management Agreement - formulated and written by officers of the CIC themselves - means that they are entitled......... 'to spend as they (The CIC) see fit'.......
Therefore is would seem that no money is going back into Northiam Parish Council funds...Are the CIC even paying the Parish Council any rent to hold their Pop up Pub events????.........No thought not!!
However even with all this information the CIC continue to pass ALL the repairs and maintenance bills to the Parish Council - even though they have the profits from the Pop Up Pub (plus any other profits) and the newly elected council pay ALL bills from the CIC for the SFF site willingly.....
The Parish Council are spending your money, which are public funds, on unbudgeted expenses and if the Parish Council decide to pay for all the SFF site expenses next year's precept could sky rocket!!!
The CIC want £10,000 per annum from the Parish Council for Maintenance on the site...... which means next years precept will potentially top £117,500 !!!!
This begs the question why are the Parish Council so unwilling to pass the bills back to the CIC?

The latest bill that you - gentle resident - is paying is a bill for £3500 for a fence that the stable tenant's horses destroyed behind Hylands Close... As stated in the minutes below.....Item FC23/140 this is supposedly being paid from 'SFF Reserves'

However this amount is actually being paid from your Parish Council Reserves. - which is shown within the Parish Council accounts.

Northiam Parish Council Minutes - 20.07.23

The Northiam Parish Council monetary Reserves are not a 'Piggy Bank', these are funds required by law to ensure the financial solvency of the Parish Council. As are other funds... £82,000 Beazer Homes Sewer Fund. £50,000 106 Persimmon Cemetery fund and residue of the CIL money from the Paddock development currently £14,000. These funds are all ring fenced for specific expenditure and should not be used for erroneous payments in order to pay the CIC/SFF bills.

The tenant whose horses broke the fence - isn't paying for it

The CIC are not dipping into their 'Pop Up Pub' profits or any other profits they have earned on the site - so they are not footing the bill for the fence. The CIC passed the £3,500 bill straight to the Parish Council.

No it is we - the residents of Northiam - who are paying for the fence - courtesy of the newly elected Parish Councilors....!! ...

Please feel free to go to this local site 'What's Going On In Northiam' via Facebook which does not censor the voice of the people like N&NNB site does as the site only allows comment which are favourable to the CIC....
Over to you Northiam, to raise any concerns please make contact at  where legitimate and sensible matters will be considered for publication.